all-in-one wordpress marketing automation suite

WP HIVE Features

Marketing automation is the process of managing the target, time, and content of a business’s marketing messages automatically as response to potential clients for their inward actions and for their online conduct. (Oracle Eloqua, 2012)

With WP Hive we apply this process to regular WordPress-based sites. We aim to deliver the same features as top marketing automation providers Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot a.o. do for large companies to small business owners – or in other words, level the play field and give them a chance to compete.

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98% of the features for 2% of the price

Save Money with HIVE

The biggest opportunities for growth are in the hundreds of thousands of businesses who could be using marketing automation but aren’t. Legacy marketing automation systems are too complicated for most businesses to take advantage of, but new systems entering the marketing now are easier to use, allow a broader range of businesses to take advantage of marketing automation, and will cause the market as a whole to grow. (Rick Burnes, Director of Product Marketing, HubSpot)

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our premium plugin for inbound marketing

WP HIVE Premium
Create mobile-ready landing pages
Customize Call-to-Action buttons
Track form submissions in Google Analytics
Run unlimited email campaigns
Nurture leads with autoresponder sequences
Track opened, clicked, bounced & unsubscribed
Profile leads and discover their social profiles
Score and segment leads based on their activity
Perform A/B testing and track conversion in Google Analytics

… and all these from your WordPress dashboard.

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