WP HIVE Features

Marketing automation is the process of managing the target, time, and content of a business’s marketing messages automatically as response to potential clients for their inward actions and for their online conduct. (Oracle Eloqua, 2012)

With WP Hive we apply this process to regular WordPress-based sites. We aim to deliver the same features as top marketing automation providers Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot a.o. do for large companies to small business owners – or in other words, level the play field and give them a chance to compete.

WP Hive stands for “Hybrid Integration for Value Extraction” and it is not a single software or service – it is a collection of plugins and API services that work together with the ultimate goal of understanding better how visitors are interacting with your WordPress site, who they are and how likely they are to become your customers.


Using WP Hive you can easily:

  • Create responsive landing pages
  • Perform Search Engine Optimization changes
  • Customize Call-to-Action buttons
  • Acquire new mailing subscribers
  • Track downloads and form submissions
  • Send personalized email campaigns
  • Nurture leads with tailored autoresponders
  • Profile subscribers based on their social graph and behavior
  • Segment leads based on their activity across your site and other channels
  • Perform A/B testing and track site performance in Google Analytics


Implementing WP Hive for WordPress marketing automation can help small business owners…

  • Increase close / win / conversion rates
  • Increase lead flow through better aligned sales and marketing processes and improved interaction.
  • Generate more, better qualified leads by allocating budget to best performing channels.
  • Send better-qualified leads to the sales department by using lead nurturing to pre-built relationships and lead scoring to select those ready for sales contact.
  • Reduce cost per lead and increase win rates through improved campaign effectiveness and relevancy.

Marketo’s Benchmark on Revenue Performance Survey revealed that companies who use marketing automation source more pipeline from marketing (45% better compared to those who don’t use marketing automation), have more productive sales reps (22% better) and experience better revenue attainment (25% better).

  • Improve marketing credibility, productivity and accountability
  • Automate marketing activities and techniques, and thus spend more time on developing creative, personalised campaigns.
  • Reduce the cost and time to develop and launch marketing campaigns.
  • Improved campaign measurement and traceable results, leading to more efficient marketing spending.
  • A more effective allocation of resources required to set up and facilitate campaigns.
  • Increased ability to react to shifts in customer demand and market opportunities.
  • Increase sales productivity
  • Offload some activities that the sales department shouldn’t been involved in, allowing them to focus on leads.
  • Standardise lead scoring and qualification, eliminating wasted time spent on pursuing leads that are not suitable.
  • Shorten sales cycles through nurturing programmes and moving leads faster through the sales funnel.

Nucleus Research found marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.

Focus Research found that among those who implemented a marketing automation solution, two thirds said that the platform had either met (54%) or exceeded (15%) their expectations. Of those claiming a return, 80% reported ROI in less than one year, and 44% reported ROI in less than six months. Moreover, their findings suggest smaller businesses may be quicker to achieve ROI than larger ones: 53% of small businesses report ROI within six months, compared with only 38% of large businesses.