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    I’ve been using MU and multisite plugin for a year now and I just installed my first version of the Hive. Two things jump out at me immediately, one is how the lack of a super user, I have seen a few comments on this one here in the forums and it may be addressed in the future. It is very nice to be able to jump from one blog to the other without having to log in every single time. I would consider this a must have for my purposes.

    The other one, is that MU allows me to activate a plugin over all my blogs (sitewide on subdomains only though – not using the multisite plugin). It would be nice to see this feature in the hive.

    Another feature that I need is the ability to copy the settings on each plugin. I’m going to have to build this one myself I’m afraid, but I need to copy the option settings for headspace, googleXML sitemaps, permalinks, etc. When I create a new site, I don’t want to have to manually set these settings every time. Anybody have this going for them?

    I installed the hive in hopes of making my life simpler when it comes to creating a new blog (I’m building a very large network with 1000s of subdomains) so I need it to be quick and easy…

    Anybody else out here see any big advantages for using the hive for a pure subdomain setup? I can’t see any significant reason that will keep me in the hive right now, MU has several items that I think I will really miss with the hive.

    Just my two cents


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