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    I have been researching different approaches to creating and managing multiple WordPress blogs and from what I have seen WP Hive is the best at meeting my needs (single install and administration, multiple blogs…about 100.. with one or maximum handful of trusted users, with little or no PHP experience required for basic setup).

    WPMU looked like the next best thing but I don’t need multiple users and was excited to see WP Hive more applicable and simpler, more compatible with the latest versions of WP, etc.

    I was wondering if I could hear from any WP Hive users re: any alternatives to WP Hive they tried or researched that are also focused on multiple WP blogs with one or few administrators and why the decided on WP Hive vs. the alternatives.

    I would like to make sure that WP Hive is the right tool for me before spending a lot of time installing 100+ blogs. In the research I have done, it looks like WP Hive is the only viable plug-in available but would appreciate anyone’s comments on this before making the plunge. Thanks very much in advance for anyone’s response.



    After looking into Lyceum and WPMU, and determining that they are both too “big” for my purposes, I did some searching. I found WP-Hive via this link:

    Hope that helps



    Thanks wwday3 for your response. That wordpress codex link was helpful. I have concluded that WP-Hive is the right tool for me… Lyceum and WPMU looked too complicated and focused on multiple administrators when all I really needed was multiple blogs but single administrator.



    I would like to build blogs for a sports league with about 10 teams. Using hive, would it be possible to have the main site (the league’s blog) to display the latest posts from the teams’ sites/blogs?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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