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    It took me a while to figure it out, because as usual, the documentation isn’t all that clear and that is because it is written by the developer who is neck-deep into it and asumes the o so basic stuff is well known. This is just very common behaviour with us developers, and usually i have to rewrite my own stuff about 20 times before my clients vaguely understand what i am talking about…

    So, here is what you do step by step, and hopefully it gets you going. Remeber though that every hosting/domian company can do things a bit different, so be creative on that part.

    We have a domain called “” and it points to the root folder of your hosting space, or any directory in that space. It doesn’t really matter.

    Now upload WordPress and install it as per default.. maybe you want to change the admin password or make some other changes to it, please do, but don’t install WP-Hive just yet.. just make sure EVERYTHING works first.. create some posts and/or pages, get some plugins to work, a theme..

    ** side-note.. instead of the default “wp_” prefix for the database, you might want to change it to “wp_1_” or something easily recognizable just in case you will have to manually change things in the database

    No problems?? GOOD!! lets get on with it then… install WP_Hive, just get the plugin and activate it.. that’s all

    Is your site still working? GOOD!!..

    Now here comes the gritty bit.. adding additional sites.. and it has a really cool function that has not been mentioned here anywhere, so it will be a good surprise.

    Some people not only have “” but also “” and “” .. and usually it will point to the exact same website

    For this to work you need to have these domains pointing to the exact same spot as the “” .. basicely, look at the settings for the “com” domain and write everything down that might look important and copy those settings also to the “net” and “org” settings.

    in WP-Hive you now have to add a new site.. choose as your domain “”, let it point to the same place as your original site (usually / ) and use THE SAME (!!) database prefix. repeat this step for every com,net,org or whatever domain you may have. As it is using the same database prefix there is nothing to install..

    Now we can also add another domain, say “”

    the steps are the same, except now you chose a different database prefix, say “wp_2_”.. this creates the option to make a totally different website.

    as before, make sure your “” domain settings are also pointing to the same place as where WordPress was installed. Again, basicaly take note of your “” settings and copy those over to your “” settings.

    open a new browser window and go to your “” domain and you should see (again) a wordpress installation page.. just go ahead like always and make changes and all that.. note, all your plugins and templates are there.. but not activated.

    hopefully this will help some people..



    after reading up a lot about GoDaddy and CName and what not (thank god i don’t have that) here is a word of advice to prevent serious pain…

    if you can.. go for a system that has one hosting account and where you can add all of your domains to.. with GoDaddy, that would be the DeLuxe plan..

    sounds kinda odd as with Strato that would be the cheap basic plan..



    Great Instructions. Thanks!



    I’ve worked with WP-Hive for a while now and it works wonderfully well for adding new sites. Donated $50 because it does such a great job.

    But, is there any way to add existing sites other than exporting the articles from the old site, rebuilding a new site through Hive and then reimporting the existing articles?

    This process seems fraught with difficulty, considering the need to fiddle with the domain names through the transition.



    gcaleval: Please see this post.

    If you are moving it from a different database, then you will want to import (SQL backup / restore) that site’s tables into the new database, and an important thing to note is that the database tables prefix must be unique.




    I am a developer and now trying WP-Hive willing to ease my life.

    Here is my humble hint to complete the installation.

    If, after you click on the Activate link to enable WP-Hive, you do not get the WP Hive settings menu (meaning the plugin was not activated), you may need to change the permissions on the wp-content folder, allowing your web server (apache in my case) to add files in there.

    WP-Hive in-fact need to add a folder (wp-hive) and a file db.php in there.




    Whew..I didn’t know installing is such a hard thing to do. This helped me a lot. Thanks.



    I’am not a native english language.

    I would be happier if there is a video tutorial on wp-hive including installation, plugin share, theme share on it. I mean a complete reference to at least why we must use a wp-hive (the overview). I think that would be a massive case studies on it.

    Of course, i started by exploring this forums one by one before asking this.

    BTW where is a showcase who use wp-hive (not just one i mean)?

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