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    I’m planning to use blogs to enhance the site function and community life over at and am wondering if WP-Hive is capable of doing all that I want to be done so I’ll just explain the basic plan of what I’m afer.

    The community after losing offical forum years ago has become disjointed, whilst many members of the community have now got an account on the new site I made few are really regular and a forum isn’t the best way to spread news in an accessible manner, it’s more abou chatting and interacting than providing clear and concise information.

    Thus when I move to new hosts in the next month or so I was going to add a community blog to highlight news and allow me and other staff members to say when new features will be added to the site and what not. The more I thought about it the more I thought extra blogs would be needed though. The community/country turns 5 next year and we already have plans for parties and photobooks and shirts to be developed and sold and what not to celebrate and thus a blog detailing the plans and showing mockups of the shirts or sample images from the books and detailing the dates and location of events would be a great way to build up excitement and let people who aren’t regulars on the forum or members at all but could still be interested keep in touch. We’ve also had a history of various satelite sites that have hosted podcasts and newspapers all of which have been taken down due to real life interfeering in the running of the projects. It’s been my intention to try and facilitate such things with the site and I’ve failed in part because I too haven’t had the time to adequately do things myself but blogging platforms would be a great way to allow people to easily get stuff they create onto the site.

    Thus I am requiring the ability to make several blogs with a shared membership under a single admin with different themes and plugins on which hopefully it’ll be possible to have members have different permissions on each blog (say a government blog for our government the Prime Minister would be an editor on it though possibly not on the newspaper blog due to freedom of the press issues).

    The current list of blogs I want to make are as follows:

    Faceblog (general community info)

    Government Blog (details statements from the government)

    5 year celebration blog (for stuff)

    And dependant on how much enthusiasm people show for supporting them:

    Broadcasting Blog for videos and podcasts

    At least one newspaper.

    Maybe more if people think up good suggestions.

    So can WP-Hive let me have a shared memberbase (a member of one blog is member to them all)for blogs with different themes and plugins? and can the members have different permisions for each blog or not (isn’t a deal breaker however).



    Yes, I think WP Hive would work in your case.

    Theoretically, you could share the user data across each site in the Hive by adding these two lines anywhere in the wp-config.php file:


    define('CUSTOM_USER_META_TABLE', 'wp_usermeta_table');

    It’s untested, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Each site would get the custom user table definitions, and since WP Hive runs after wp-config.php is called, you would still get the separate subdomains / domains.

    Mind you, the users will probably need to re-login when they try to access the different sites.

    You could try omitting the “META_TABLE” line to provide different permissions across the sites (but that would be totally experimental; don’t blame me if everything blows up).

    Good Luck!



    well the different permissions things isn’t a deal breaker per sae.



    Hi there,

    Just wanted to let you know that removing the “META_TABLE” allows you to actually reach the dashboard on the second blog.

    The issue I just had was that I logged in on one blog, but then wasn’t given permission to see the dashboard on the second blog — probably had to log out completely. But by removing the meta table line I can be logged into both blogs at the same time without permissions issues.

    Is that going to raise a problem for me in future, however? Guess I’ll post more if I find out!

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