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    I’m currently using godaddy to host my wp-hive (which uses subdomains), but have become fed up with the horrid speeds. I’m switching to a new host, but am not quite sure how to make the switch given the use of subdomains. I’d like to keep the same domain and subdomains, but just move everything to the new host.

    Anyone faced a similar situation? Any tips? Thanks.



    The main thing you need to worry about is DNS propagation.

    Really, you just need to make a 100% copy from the old host to the new host. Set up your domains, etc.. the same way, leaving the original copy of the site on the old host.

    Then initiate the DNS changes to point all the domains to the new server, wait 48 hours, and then remove the content from the old host.

    If you need to verify ownership for the domains with the new host, you can usually use a unique DNS subdomain or file that you upload to the site. Most hosts will give you the option to verify this way instead of actually pointing to the new sites.

    You can use a your local “Hosts” file to manually access the new server and verify that all is working correctly before flipping the DNS switch.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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