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    I struggled for ages with WPMU to get it working so that I could host around 10 sites on one application.. Problem was WPMU needs you to install without the “www” in your domain – and this means you can;t have any of your domains displaying the www. prefix. I managed to get round this by modifying the domain mapping plugin to show the complete domainn with the http://www...

    Then I discovered WP Hive and it is working great for me on 2 domains.

    Now I have just been experimenting with WordPress version 3.0 (merged with WPMU) and it is working great BUT with the same limitation as mentioned above – you have to modify the domain-mapping plugin to get the www. domains to display. Then if you remove the www. it does not find the domain. I tried modifying the htaccess but could not make it work.

    So I then decided to try WP Hive plugin on the 3.0 beta and it activates fine but when you click on the WP Hive in the admin area there is nothing displaying.

    I think the users wanting to use WP Hive want it to manage multiple sites and probably want the flexibility to have www or non-www domains. However this so far does not seem to be possible with the WP 3.0.

    So I think there is a place for using WP Hive for people like me. I think WP 3.0 is with network sites is more for people who want to use a WPMU style blog.



    THANKS for this post!

    I am also dying of curiosity about WP3.0, which the Beta site indicates may launch in May 2010.

    They are including a MultiSite section:


    Can you keep providing updates here about your experiments with Hive and with the Beta 3.0, as well as more details about their differences?




    Sure – will do – actually WPHive and WPML each have their own advantages.

    The one thing I would like to know however is whether anyone is working on integrating WPHive with WordPress 3.0 beta?

    I am thinking of moving one of my clients sites from WPML to WPHive because it will be easier to control user access but I need to be sure that WPHive will be compatible with WordPress3.0.



    I’ve been using WP 3 beta in a couple of installations.

    I like the new interface and some specific features enough that I thought I’d upgrade my WP-Hive site(s).

    So first a big warning. WP 3.0 beta does not play nice with WP-Hive. It is pretty strange because all the sites still load, accept logins and allow all admin functions. But if you go to the WP-Hive edit or add pages you get a blank screen. Or at least I do.

    I did back up all the files and the db first so I’ll be replacing it with the original 2.92 install.

    Second, there is a lot of difference between WP 3.0 multi-site and WP-Hive multi-sites. I also run a WPMU site so I kind of knew what to expect. (and it is possible to run WP-Hive WPMU together)

    With Hive, you have a stronger sense that the sites are actually separate. You administer each in its own complete admin environment. It’s just that all sites run from the same plugins and themes directories so when you update plugins in one its updated in all sites that use it.

    With WP 3.0 there is a lot more overlap. You have a “Super Admin” menu that affects the entire installation. And it can be relatively easy to break things.

    With the beta, just saving the Super Admin Site Options page, even without actually changing a thing, results in a complete breakdown of my site. It doesn’t like my theme Atahualpa or it doesn’t like my Buddypress install or something. It just makes site visually completely a mess and loses pieces of Buddypress.

    That doesn’t happen running WP-Hive which seems to get along just fine with both Buddypress and Atahualpa which I’ve been using for years.

    I hope that whatever messes up the WP-Hive admin pages gets fixed because I have absolutely no desire to retire it.



    No answer from the developer?



    I have just finished coding the fixes to make WP Hive compatible with WP 3.0. The official announcement and release is expected to be available later this week.

    Stay Tuned.



    Thanks a lot.




    There is a 53 minute video discussion WP3.0 Multisite features at


    Allows subdomains or subdirectories I noticed.



    Thanks for the detailed info @thewebseye and @gcaleval.

    Without having worked with WordPress 3.0 yet at all, it sounds I will be waiting for the official WP3.0-compatible WP-Hive release, and then just stick with the Hive for my multi-site WP installations.

    UPDATED: Whoops, I didn’t see that the new release is already out. Thanks to @ikailo.

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