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    I’m new here and I’m searching for a good (but not necessarily free) plugin or script to install and manage WordPress on many domains (Multi-Domain/Multi-Site).

    As I know, WP MU (and the upcoming WP 3.0) is primarely not for Multi-Domain but only for Multi-Users so it’s no successor for WP Hive and the like.

    I already tested:

    – Virtual Multiblog for WordPress

    – WP_OneInstall

    – WP Hive free

    All are free and quite good working. But all lacks some really significant features.

    Therefore I think about buying one of the better scripts. WP Hive Pro costs $50 PER YEAR which is not very cheap. I don’t hesitate to buy one but I have to know if WP Hive Pro will really have continuous development.

    Yes, there is a nice Feature Roadmap but without any time frame. Will it take days or week, months or years?

    How is the future of WP Hive Pro?




    Perhaps your answer is in the 3 weeks of silence??

    Secondly, it seems WP3.0 does indeed support multiple domains, so you might want to reconsider.

    It will be stable within a couple of days I suspect.



    I was wondering the same thing. So far WP Hive does not work for WP 3.0. But it appears WP 3.0 has the same features, although a little more kludgey than WP Hive. So eventually it appears WP Hive will be replaced by features standard to WP networks. I was directed to this page, second post, to have one install for domain1.com and domain2.com. I have not tried it yet.




    WP Hive 0.6.0 now works with WP 3.0.

    As for the future of WP Hive, time will tell. I will keep developing as long as people are still interested in it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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