Introducing WP HIVE

Affordable Marketing Automation for WordPress

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You Can Trust WordPress

>> industry-standard blogging platform
>> best Search Engine Optimization plugins
>> upgradeable, flexible and easy to maintain
>> unrivaled community and support

Lead Capture and Nurturing

>> request registration for downloads
>> match returning visits to subscribers
>> send newsletters and autoresponders
>> track delivery, bounces, open and click rates

Conversion and Profiling

>> track submissions in Google Analytics
>> deploy A/B tests to improve conversion
>> score leads based on source and actions
>> uncover your subscribers’ social profiles

“The biggest opportunities for growth are in the hundreds of thousands of businesses who could be using marketing automation but aren’t. Legacy marketing automation systems are too complicated for most businesses to take advantage of, but new systems entering the marketing now are easier to use, allow a broader range of businesses to take advantage of marketing automation, and will cause the market as a whole to grow.”

Rick Burnes, Director of Product Marketing, HubSpot