Multi-site Plugin Legacy


WP Hive started as a WordPress Plugin that allowed multiple WordPress sites to run on a single installation.

It was intended to be used in a multi-site, single administrator environment and was for the WordPress administrator who manages many sites and had been looking for a way to consolidate the plugins, themes, and files for all their sites with ease.

The admin interface of the legacy plugin made it incredibly easy to add new sites to the ‘Hive.’

Some features of WP Hive legacy plugin:

– Plugin architecture, simple to install
– Compatible with almost all third party plugins
– Supports domain, subdomain, and subdirectory sites simultaneously
– Supports wildcard domains and subdomains

If you planned to administer more than one WordPress site, WP Hive made your life a lot easier.

ikailo, the original founder of WP Hive, maintained and developed the original WP Hive until December 2010 when the WordPress base evolved to v3.0+ and merged with WordPress Multi-site. WordPress v3.0+ superseded some of the core functionality of the original WP Hive – ultimately confirming ikailo‘s visionary approach to centralized management of multiple WordPress-based sites. The original owner moved on to a great role within a leading technology company and WP Hive found a new home in Ireland.

The initial concept does not command the same interest and attention in 2013, but we are convinced we can build on the trust and community spirit of the original WP Hive to relaunch the plugin as an affordable marketing automation for Internet entrepreneurs and small businesses.