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Welcome to WP Hive, the new site dedicated to the WordPress plugin that helps blog administrators manage multiple blogs. After all the activity on the original blog post and what we think is a significant amount of interest and popularity during its infancy stage, we figured this plugin deserved some dedicated resources to help it grow.

We believe this plugin has the potential to be used by millions of blog administrators around the world as a simple alternative to other bulky or complex solutions that already exist. It’s not be there *yet*, but we have big plans and intend to grow a community to help support these plans.

Among other things, this new site features:

  • A nice look and navigation
  • Documentation and FAQs
  • Development information, featuring a Roadmap and a Change-log
  • A community forum to provide and receive support, share ideas, and make suggestions
  • A nifty donation page so uses can support WP Hive in monetary ways

If you’re interested in helping out with the website or plugin development in any way, please do! You can find out what’s in the works in the development section or you can scan the forums to get ideas for features. If you’d like to get in touch with us for anything related to WP Hive, you can send an email to contact@wp-hive.com.

Thanks for using WP Hive. Here’s to a great plugin with great community support!

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