Sub-Directories and Single Sign-On

And now for some great news.

Alex at enlisted my help to customize and install WP Hive so that he can provide some niche and specialty blogs in addition to his main site. So, I created a new version of WP Hive that features fully-functioning Subdirectory Sites and Single-Sign-On across the sites in the Hive – read about it here. Neatorama’s first site using WP Hive is the Neatorama Spotlight, which quite frankly looks awesome.

So, now I’m busy packaging up these new WP Hive features and merging in a a few more items currently being worked on. I’ll be releasing all of this as the next version of WP Hive, coming out in the near future.

As previously mentioned, WP Hive’s licensing model will change with the next release.  Stay tuned to see how you can get in on the ground-floor and receive 50% off WP Hive Pro for life and help to fund this release, all future releases, support services, new add-ons, and much much more!


  1. Peter Lurie says:

    this is great… BRING IT ON!
    Am really keen to get going as I have a potentially complex site ahead.
    Good luck with the final polishing.

  2. skeptict says:

    Yes, great news! I’ll be watching for updates, and thanks for your work on this.

  3. atnetcom says:

    hi really appreciate the work on this solution. Can’t wait to integrate it on our portals.!

  4. Kim Clune says:

    Can’t wait! I absolutely love the older version I have now. Unfortunately, the latest release doesn’t work for me so I’m hoping the paid one will. If not, at least there’s support! 🙂

  5. Doug says:

    Sounds great! Is it possible that single sign in could mean that multiple sites could share the same list for sending out emails? This is a crucial need for a setup I’m responsible for creating.

  6. Steve says:

    This is an EXCELLENT leap forward! I’ve just begun to develop my many intuitive, type-in keyword domain names, and I’m VERY excited about WP, and especially that I’ve found WP-Hive! I understand that it lets me easily create and manage unlimited sites & blogs in one domain name, and even now in subdomains / subdirectories. Again… Excellent!

    What I don’t understand is if WP-Hive can let me create and manage sites & blogs in other domain names / folders / directories that share the same root directory in my unlimited domain name hosting account. Does it?

    If not, what can be done to make this happen?



  7. thomas bodetti says:

    What would really be interesting would be how to map out sub domains and domains in such a way as to make unique use of the domain name values, as well as keyword values, without compromising the unique nature of how Search Engines index websites.

  8. tomarq says:

    Is the single sign on module still available no that wp-hive support has ended?

  9. Johnc631 says:

    I like what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and exposure! deaebbbkkkae

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