Thanks for the Input

The survey is now closed. Many thanks to everyone who contributed!

A lot of feedback was received (43 individuals responded) and based on the results, I am very confident that this project is sustainable and will move forward in the direction that will be beneficial to everyone involved.

Version 0.5 is scheduled for alpha release in about 1-2 week’s time. It will have a user interface and will support subdirectoy sites (eg:,

Version 1.0 is scheduled for release late in October or in November. It will have a plethora of additions (which I won’t get into right now). When this version is released, WP Hive will be moving to a freemium model.

To clarify the “Freemium” part, version 1.0 and any subsequent version will be absolutely free and basic functionality of WP Hive will always be available. However, premium subscriptions will be offered which will provide:

  • Access to a special support forum for premium subscribers
  • A downloadable “premium pack” that will add features and enhancements to WP Hive, which will be added-to and updated regularly.

We will be offering a discount-in-perpetuity premium subscription, for anyone wishing to ‘get in on the ground floor’. Stay Tuned.

Thanks again for all the support on this project. With the past behind, I am now looking forward to what the future holds for WP Hive.

*NOTE* Dates & version numbers are a guideline only. Features will be released as they are written, and v1.0 could ultimately be v0.5.x, etc..


  1. Klaus says:

    Great news. I was one of the 43 and I’m perfectly willing to go the premium route. In fact, I’m going to donate a small amount right now to keep you going in the meantime 🙂 – since WP-Hive already allows me to run several WP sites off of one install.

    That leads me to my wish: Please supply an upgrade path for those using current versions of WP-Hive. But then I think you will.

    Thanks for your great work.

    Kind regards,

  2. ikailo says:

    Thanks for your support!

    I wouldn’t dare release a new version of a product without also providing a seamless upgrade path. It bothers me to no end when others do it, and I don’t wish that on anyone else. 🙂

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