Upcoming Release

The next release for WP Hive is currently under development with a release date sighted for the near future.

Core Improvements:
*  Vastly improved Subdirectory sites, now using Apache’s Mod-Rewrite functionality.
*  Option to use former redirect / cookie method for subdirectory sites (if Apache is not supported).
*  API to facilitate development of Add-Ons
*  Compatibility with some Database Caching plugins

Premier Add-On Modules:
* Quick Installer – Allows a new site to be set up with just a few clicks, or to copy an existing site.
* Single Sign-On – Allows users to remain logged in when traversing sites in the Hive.
* Unknown Root Redirector – Handles some unique subdirectory installs where a site is not installed in the root.

With this release, there will be a *NEW* licensing model:
*  The core features of WP Hive will remain available through the WordPress Plugin Repository.
*  The Support Forums and the Premier Add-On Modules will be available through this site only with the purchase of a WP Hive Pro Subscription.

There are more details to follow about the WP Hive Pro Subscription. Stay tuned to find out how you can get yours for less than half the regular price!!


  1. Peter Lurie says:

    This all sounds great!

    Do you have a timeframe?

    The new functionality would be a godsend for a big complex project that I am working on.

    Do you advise me to install anything yet, or wait till the release?


  2. Kevin says:

    Fantastic! WP-Hive seems like a much better choice for what I’m trying to do than WPMU. I was getting ready to download and install WP-Hive to begin testing it out …will it be a simple upgrade process or should I wait?

  3. donnacha | WordSkill says:

    How will WP Hive compare to the 3.0 release of WordPress, which will incorporate multi-site features?

  4. hivenewbie says:

    Aaargh, I keep trying to post to the forum and it doesn’t seem to work, keeps saying “Topic Not Found” every time I press submit!! Here’s my question:

    Please help me understand how to add a site and domain in Hive. Having a hard time finding what I need in documentation.

    If I have two different domains pointing to the same root site with the core wp install, say they are:


    In add new sites, if I want to create a new site for example2.com, do I —

    — Add example2.com in the domain
    — Leave subdirectory blank

    Will this work? I keep seeing subdomains mentioned (like subdomain.example.com) and I don’t want that, I want to point http://www.example2.com to the new Hive site.


  5. Alex Tran says:

    You’re saying if you have WP setup so that it is installed at http://domain.com/wordpress/ but accessed via http://domain.com you will need to purchase the Pro subscription to get WP-Hive to work with it?

  6. ikailo says:

    Alex –

    The new version of WP Hive has better support for sub-directories, and that type of configuration might be supported. I say ‘might’ because it’s untested, and could likely require some special WP Hive configuration to work correctly.

    However – the subdirectory improvements are part of the WP Hive Core / Free version, so a Pro subscription would not be required in that case.

    Users who have subscriptions will be given access to the premium add-ons and other features. If I build an add-on in the future to better handle this type of configuration, then yes – a subscription would be required in that case (although I don’t have any plans to do so yet).

  7. Tim says:

    Hi, when will it support wp 2.9?

    I wish I knew that it didn’t go up to 2.8.5 — I would have kept my “master” wp at 2.8.5 so I could spawn off the others. My consider turning back the clock and starting a new…let me know!

  8. ikailo says:

    Tim, version 2.9 has been supported since the day it was released. Not sure what kind of problems you are having with it, but definitely check the forums to see if they are addressed. Cheers!

  9. luke says:

    Just wanted to let you know I stumbled onto this today and will be returning for more info, keep it coming!

  10. justin says:

    Any news as to when this goes live yet? Its been almost 1/4 year since I signed up for WP-Hive Pro… Be pretty miffed if my membership for the first year expires before the next version actually goes live!

  11. medical-hero says:

    Please answer us. How long will it nearly take? A few weeks, months or 2011/2012? WP-Hive is the best solution I’ve seen ever. But I need the features of the next release very soon.

  12. Pond Pumps says:

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  13. 嘉林 says:

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    WordPress 3.1