v0.5 Beta – Available

The latest development version 0.5 is now available at http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/wp-hive.0.5.zip for testing.

This one includes all the features that I think will be in the RC.

Upgrades from v0.4.x are supported. Just remove all the files in wp-content/plugins/wp-hive/ and place the new files for v0.5 in that directory instead. Make sure db.php is in /wp-content, and load the site in your browser as normal.

Here’s one extra feature in v0.5 that I didn’t put on the previous list: Wildcard sub-domains are supported!

At this time there are no known issues.


  • WP Hive depends on the plugin. If WP Hive loads (eg: db.php is in place in /wp-content), then it will force the WP-Hive plugin to be active as well.
  • All new sites must be added through the GUI (WP-Admin > WP Hive > Add New)

Feedback is much appreciated. Please join the WP Hive Developers Group for discussion and/or bug reporting.

Happy Testing!!

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