v0.5 Pre-Alpha Release

The first alpha of WP Hive 0.5 is available at http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/wp-hive.0.5.zip for testing.

Change Log:
– New GUI
– Supports Subdirectories
– Updated the way favicon.ico is handled in PHP <5.

Do not install on a production site. This is an alpha release, so it will probably break something.

Installation instructions are a little different (and easier):

  • Install one copy of WordPress according to standard instructions. Make sure it works.
  • Put the contents of wp-hive plugin folder into /wp-content/plugins/ wp-hive.
  • Copy db.php into /wp-content.
  • To add a new site, go to WP Admin > WP Hive.
  • Run the WP Install for the new site by clicking “Install Site”.

If you are adding a new domain or subdomain, you must also point it (using DNS and Webserver) to the directory that contains index.php (as per previous instructions). Subdirectory sites can be added at will,  without mucking with the Webserver.

Known Issues, to be fixed:

  • Won’t upgrade an existing version of WP Hive. (Must install on a clean db / site).
  • If you can’t access a subdirectory site (eg: domain.com/site1) after a new install, log into the root site admin (eg: domain.com/wp-admin) and re-save the permalinks by going to Settings > Permalinks > Save Changes.


  • If you are in WP Admin for a subdirectory site (eg: domain.com/site1/ wp-admin), you must log-out in order to edit the root site (eg: domain.com/wp-admin) or any other sites for that root (eg: domain.com/site2/wp-admin)
  • WP Hive depends on pretty permalinks.  WP Hive will force WP to use default permalinks if / when it notices that they are not active. You can change the permalink structure to whatever you want, as long as you leave it enabled.
  • WP Hive depends on the plugin. If WP Hive loads (eg: db.php is in place in /wp-content), then it will force the WP-Hive plugin to be active as well.
  • Sites cannot be ‘auto-added’ by bringing it up in the browser anymore. It was a security issue. The only way to add new sites now is through the Admin GUI.

Feedback is much appreciated. Please join the WP Hive Developers Group for discussion. Send bug reports / issues to bugs@wp-hive.com

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