WP Hive Needs a New Owner (Found)

April 26th 2013 UPDATE:

Thank you for reading the blog section on WP HIVE. This is just an update to let you know that in early 2013 WP HIVE found a new owner. It’s exciting to take over  a product you once used yourself and I feel very humble every time I think about the good vibe and community spirit that oozed from these pages only a couple of years ago.

However, not all is lost – the legacy WP Hive plugin is no longer a necessity for multiple blog owners, and in the interim a lot of us had moved on anyway. But there is no need to let go of the community and the positive attitude that kept us going and innovating a few years ago. We are going to re-launch WP HIVE as Hybrid Integration for Value Extraction – a WordPress plugin that allows site owners to run affordable marketing automation in addition to their WP-based websites. You’re welcome to subscribe to our announcement list and watch this space – our official launch is only weeks away. Thank you for your continuous support!

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The time has come for me to say goodbye to the WP Hive project. As of February 1, 2011, I will no longer be supporting WP Hive.

Why Goodbye?

First and foremost is my time. I’ve been finding more and more lately that I just don’t have time to commit to supporting and building WP Hive the way it should be. I have also taken a great job at one of the best companies in the world which is is an excellent opportunity for me and I intend to put my best effort into it. Essentially, I am streamlining my focus to my [real] job and to my family.

What does this mean for WP Hive?

I would love for someone to take over WP Hive. It could be a great asset to an individual or company who is already providing WordPress Services. The website represents a superb medium to communicate and do business with a community of passionate WordPress administrators and users from around the world.

If taking on the the WP Hive project is of interest to you, here are some recent statistics about the website that might excite you as well:

  • 2200+ monthly visits by 1600+ unique visitors from 85 countries
  • 3+ pageviews average per visitor
  • 4+ minutes average visit time
  • 420+ forum members
  • 200+ opt-in email list
  • Multiple paid subscribers
  • Regular hot leads for WordPress development work

Edit: I’ve posted this website on Flippa.com to facilitate the transfer. Click on the following badge for more details:wp-hive.com is For Sale on Flippa!

What does this mean for PRO Subscribers?

If an owner for this project cannot be found then: New subscriptions will not be offered after December 31, 2010. Existing subscriptions will not be auto-renewed after January 31, 2010. If you have an existing annual or lifetime subsciption and feel you deserve some credit, you may contact me via email for a pro-rated refund. However, if a suitable owner comes forward, then we would endeavor to transfer all the PRO Subscriptions as appropriate.

How do I move my sites to WordPress Multisite?

The WordPress codex contains a tutorial for migrating multiple sites into WordPress Multisite.

One could also check out the articles that come up in the Google search.

In Closing

This project started as a simple idea for my own use and blossomed into something that has proved to be useful to countless WordPress users. I have been blessed with it and am grateful to all the users who have supported me – many from day one.  It is sad that I must part with it, but I do trust that it has been useful and I hope that somehow it will continue into the future.


  1. Harvey says:

    While I’m personally disappointed – I’ve enjoyed using WP-Hive – here’s a hearty congratulations to you and best of luck in your new job!

  2. James says:

    hi, ikailo

    Wp-hive is a great tools for me. I use it for years and paid for pro version.

    I hope wp-hive could be developed by someone eles. Good luck!

  3. edward de leau says:

    I have a tip, you should try selling it on Flippa. Search for other WordPress sites on there to get an idea on what is sold there.

  4. Justin says:

    John, That is very sad but quite understandable.

    Many thanks for all your hard work on WP-Hive over the years, it has been a huge time saver and certainly useful to me.

    Also huge congratulations on the dream job and I wish you every success with it.

    I suspect that WP Hive might prove too technically time consuming for us, but if someone with the technological time to carry this forward is interested in doing so and would like to partner with someone do please get in touch with me. Otherwise I may look into hiring someone who could manage this. It would be sad to see this go.

  5. Michelle Petit says:

    Congratulations John! There is nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect job, and it’s a very rare thing these days.

    I am sorry to find WP hive will no longer be supported; however I take solace in the knowledge that it will probably continue to work just fine through the next few iterations of WP.

    I truly hope someone will step forward to take it over, preferably soon. I don’t know what I’d do without Hive!

    Best of luck and continued success.

  6. Peter Lurie says:

    Hi John! thrilled about your new job and opportunity, but in a cold sweat about potentially losing WP-Hive support & future development. It has been a great solution for the big project I am working on, and your support has been fantastic. It will be missed!

    I am really nervous about the future of my big set-up of subdirectory sites.

    I have set up quite a complex series of subdirectory sites, and am praying you will be able to help me/other users transition these to another solution.

    The article mentioned above for migrating to Multisite specifically says to choose the subdomain option, and not the subdirectory option. Is there a way to do this with Multisite?

    Looking forward to your reply and hopeful solutions…


  7. S H Mohanjith says:

    Congratulations on your job :).

    I believe wp-hive is a great project. I would hate to see it die. I would like to take over the project. I have mailed you as well, please let me know if you are interested ASAP.


  8. cyri says:

    Congratulations Ikailo on your new job and thanks for all the great work you have done with WP-Hive. I enjoyed using WP-Hive and although I ended up using WPMU more and then regular WP multisite, WP-Hive inspired me to think along the multiple blogging lines and got me started. You have done a great job managing this site and I enjoyed our interactions. All the best in the future!

  9. ikailo says:

    Thank you all for the warm and encouraging comments. I will endeavor to find the ‘right’ person (or people) to take over this project and keep it running.

    FYI – I’ve posted wp-hive.com up on Flippa.com to help facilitate the transfer. Please spread the word.

  10. Karissa says:

    Darn it I found this too late and just happened accross this post. You should put a notice in the header so that everyone will know. WP Hive would have been a perfect solution for me. I am new to WP and I have been looking into do a MultiSite but it seems a bit overwhelming. (Just not as much as trying to maintain many clients WP sites.) I hope that someone buys it and takes it over.


  11. hacker says:

    wow, this is a horrable news. WP multisite is not really designed for one admin to manage multiple sites, it is designed for multiple users to create their own blogs, just like on wordpress.com

    This will be a really big loss for people that own several domains and want them hosted on sigle WP install.

    Is it possible for the Hive project to be worked on as an open source project by any interested developer? Do you have the code in hive copyrighted or is it open for community to work on?

    Thank you for all the work you have done so far with the project and good luck with your new work.

  12. ikailo says:

    Yes, the project is Open Source and licensed under GPL. Anyone is welcome to continue work on it. However, the name and website are not, and are currently being sold on Flippa.com. Ideally, the new owner of the website would facilitate continued development of the project.

  13. tomarq says:

    I wish you success on you future. I was creating a similar plugin when I found wp-hive and decided to use it instead. I’m now resurrecting my code and was wondering, is your single-sign-on code being release public also? I would like to add that feature to mine with wp3.1.

    Good luck and thanks for your work!

  14. hacker says:

    Ok, what now? The auction for wp-hive.com has ended and the reserve price was not met.

    What will happen to the Hive plugin??? The suspense is killing me… The unknown future of the hive plugin is really hindering my site development since wordpress multi site system SUCKS compared to hive plugin.

  15. ikailo says:

    Yes, unfortunately the auction is over and I am still looking for someone who wants to take over.

    I am very flexible – any of the people who placed bids or expressed any interest are certainly welcome to contact me. The reserve was not met, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t let it go for less.. Just need the right new owner.

  16. thomas bodetti says:

    Interesting, I was just reading over the potential uses for this website, I was really considering how to revamp the hive concept, and make it work for those of us that have multiple wordpress websites, mapping is an issue that I think was never really resolved, but it is an interesting concept.

  17. Reed says:

    For those of you that are wondering, wp-hive does not work entirely with the recent update of wordpress, which is I believe 3.05. I just today updated a hive I created 8 months ago. What happens is you cannot see the “hive” when you click “edit” in “wp hive”. Nothing shows up. What happens from there is you you can STILL update the separate sites in your hive individually — and they will still work. I expect the reason you cannot manage your hive from wp-hive within your dashboard is due to the recent ‘serious’ convergence of wpmu and wordpress 3.05.

    As far as the ‘creators’ position goes for quitting this project– I understand. The amount internet technology changes, especially wordpress, on a daily basis… is ridiculous. You think you create a tool that will work tomorrow but standards change and create a problem tomorrow… it’s pretty tiring. You truly need a team compromised of marketers, developers, and researchers.

    I’d really hate to see your work sell for a mere $1,000. The problem is the buyers haven’t evaluated the differences between what wp-hive can become from wpmanagerdx, managewp, and all other mass wordpress manager programs. It’s ridiculous what the potential is here… I’m surprised that Vladmir Prelovac — the creator of managewp hasn’t bought your source code just so he can create a standalone version of managewp. I mean… the things he could add to his program with your work…

    If only I were the head of a dev team…

    Welp, good luck bud! I’ve created a hive of 46 sites with your program, and I did it all within a month thanks to you!

  18. Reed says:

    Uhhh, heh, I’ll talk to Vladimir for you if I get a finders fee 🙂

  19. Reed says:

    scratch that man, I’m talking to him right now 🙂

  20. Reed says:

    yup, nm, i’m a dumbass, apparently there is a new version of wp-hive that was just released? Well either it was released earlier, or I just managed to see the update option in the plugins section just tonight? so…. IDK. With the newest version of wp-hive you can still do everything you could before…

  21. Reed says:

    I think I was the first to see that a new buyer had acquired this great script. Thanks brah! I’m happy because now I can continue on making the 600 sites I was planning on making with wphive yo!

  22. Jason Davis says:

    Hi ikailo, Have you released the project yet? Would like to take off your hands. Contact me as soon as possible please, thanks – Jason D WPMaverick

  23. Amit Bhatia says:

    Contact me soon with your selling price.

    Amit Bhatia

  24. brian fidler says:

    were you ever able to find a buyer for your site?

    would you be interested in partnering at all?

    let me know.

    brian fidler

  25. Mandip says:

    Will the good folks at wordpress not be interested in taking this up?

  26. Saif says:

    IS there even the slightest of chances that you will do another update? The plugin no longer works with the newest version of wordpress, 3.1

  27. Paul Bunkham says:


    If you can’t get the plugin working you can just change line 24 in includes/functions.php that says:

    if (function_exists(‘apply_filters’)) {


    if (function_exists(‘wp_cache_get’)) {

    I think it might be a bit of a hack, but it works!



  28. ikailo says:

    Thanks Paul. That’s exactly what I did in v0.6.2 – now available. Cheers!

  29. Paul Bunkham says:

    Ah, sorry, should have checked the forums. I’d be interested in discussing a few bits with this project, are you still looking for someone to take it on?

  30. Muriel Briley says:

    I just updated WordPress on my blog and I got the following message:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function suppress_errors() on a non-object in /home/www/quickfactsblog.info/wp-content/plugins/wp-hive/includes/class.wphive.php on line 69

    Can someone help me with making the necessary correction(s) to get my blog working again?

  31. msohal says:


    an earlier post says you have released v0.6.2 – I could not find this anywhere

  32. Facebook Iframes says:

    Is it still on sale as I have been watching this message since long.

  33. Cynthia says:

    Hey there.
    Can you tell me what you’re looking to sell this site for? I would love to keep your wonderful program going. Congratulations on the new job.

  34. Herbalife says:

    Damn, no one has managed to take over this great project?
    I am looking forward to hear it has a new developer.

  35. Gabriel Jefferson says:

    Truly illuminating bless you, It is my opinion your current subscribers would most likely want way more content along these lines keep up the good effort.

  36. sweating says:

    can i have your facebook or twitter?

  37. Jacob Chapman says:

    Dang it! I just found out about WP Hive! Why does this always happen to me?!

  38. Sam - Web Strategy from Montreal says:

    sad but that’s life, things come and go.

    Best of luck with your next project and the flippa sales.

  39. colin says:

    Did you ever manage to sell it? Would like to know more, please drop me a line.

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