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Please find below a link to an online survey related to WP Hive that will help ensure future development meets your needs and to help find a sustainable path forward.  We are weeks away from releasing a new version 0.5 and also have lots of exciting things planned for version 1.0 in the Fall.

Click here to begin: http://wp-hive.com/survey-1

The responses will be kept confidential and you can answer anonymously if you wish.  Thanks in advance for your participation.


  1. donnacha | WordSkill says:

    (Just to be clear, and to avoid him getting the blame for my opinions, I have a similar name but no connection to Donnacha, the lead MU dev)

    I think that, instead of a survey, you should really be blogging about each of these technical and financial considerations, in order to draw people into a discussion.

    The size and complexity of the survey are quite daunting and I question whether anyone is going to invest their morning into finishing it. A series of blog posts, however, spanned over a month of so, would allow people to dip in as and when a subject of interest comes up, and it is a lot easier to bounce ideas around within the context of a discussion.

    That many blog posts and comments would also draw a lot more traffic to your project and send a strong signal that the project is active. Your Google ranking would also improve.

    Fpr me, the main problem with WP Hive has been the apparent lack of progress, although I do appreciate that you have put a lot of work into it. For something as important as this, owners need to know that the developer is consistently and reliably engaged with the project – the nightmare scenario would be if WP Hive, as the foundation to our sites, badly needed to be updated to accommodate a new WP security update but you, the developer, were Missing-in-Action. There was a huge gap in development this year which is worrying and that worry can only really be erased by consistently hitting your development targets from now on.

    On the positive side, you can DEFINITELY charge money for a working solution with ongoing support and timely updates. In fact, I wish you had gone premium much earlier if it would have got you to sit down and finish the project.

    Anyone interested in running multiple sites over multiple domains from one installation of WP is clearly someone who values their time and is probably someone with a financial interest in running many sites.

    A Web designer running dozens or even hundreds of WP-based sites knows that his time is valuable and that managing just one installation of WP will allow him to extend his reach much further / handle more customers. The same goes for peole running networks of sites, sometimes thousands, for them the convenience of one installation of WP are massive.

    The interest in WordPress has exploded over the past year and that is why all these people are sniffing around, trying to find an elegant solution with support they can trust. At the moment, the options are too fragmented and time-consuming.

    The fact that MU is merging into WP is actually very good for you – the lead developer of MU, Donnacha O’Caoimh, has made it clear that domain mapping is NOT part of the plan, so, the demand for third-party solutions will actually increase – with the merger, it is inevitable that more people will start running multiple sites and the natural next step is to ask “How can I run these sites on different domains?”.

    If WP Hive offers the best solution, people will use it. I would suggest simply making it free for anything up to 5 sites but require a paid license for anything above that. Keep the offering simple: make the free version fully-functional and fully-featured, let the only difference be the number of domains. The vast majority of your users will be free users because, realistically, most are only going to have time to run 2 or 3 sites, but the sheer number of those free users will establish WP Hive as the default choice for multiple domains. Anyone running more than 5 sites, however, is clearly a professional of some sort and the convenience of using WP Hive increases exponentially the more sites you manage. Those guys, and I am one of them, will happily pay.

  2. Alex Tran says:

    Is the survey no longer available? Clicking on the survey link brings me to a blank page. I had some feedback I was hoping to share about WP-Hive . . .

  3. ikailo says:

    The survey is still available, but it will be closing soon (end of the week).

    We have received a LOT of great responses. Thanks to everyone who took their time to voice their opinion (good or bad). 🙂

    I will discuss the general results on the blog next week, with more information on how this project will proceed, etc.. Stay tuned!

    Alex – not sure why it’s not loading for you.. If anyone else is getting this issue, please let me know.

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